Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My first magazine published photo

Pilot Bill's silhouette

This photo was taken when I got my first ever hot air balloon ride. It also was the first photo that I took that was published in a magazine. This photo was spread out over 2 pages and made the January issue of El Paso Magazine. The person whose silhouette you see is the pilot. He is checking the balloon during inflation to make sure everything is ok and is pulling out the balloon so it can inflate properly. This experience was extremely cool to say the least and is one I'll soon not forget.

My Motorcycle

My Boulevard

This is my motorcycle. It is a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard M50. I'm not into crotch rockets. Not that there's anything wrong with them, I just don't trust myself on one. I would probably be too tempted to go zero to 200 in no time flat. At my age, a good cruise is all I need. Most of the time I stay in the slow lane and let everyone else in a hurry pass me by. Normally, if it is not raining or too windy, or if I don't have to carry anything that would not fit in my saddlebags, I will be on my bike. I like feeling the subtle changes in temperature as I hit warm or cold air pockets. I also like the smell of good food as I ride by a restaurant. These are simple pleasures you miss when you cage it.